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We understand that every child’s learning style is different, and sometimes, classroom instruction alone is not enough to get children where they should be within a particular subject or grade. That’s why we’ve created this tutor directory, so you can find someone who is qualified to help your student learn what they need to learn in order to succeed and reach their highest potential.

This website is designed to help you learn more about the tutors who are local to the San Ramon area, who can work with your children on any subject, either online, or in person. We specialize in all grades, including high school, and can even help with SAT and/or ACT prep. Our tutors will work with you and your student to find out where they are, based on their current grades and understanding of subject material, and then determine where they need to be. A customized approach will be developed to work with the student a few hours a week to bring them up to, or help them surpass, grade level performance.

Our programs are completely customizable, so that if your child is struggling in math, but doing well in reading and social studies, we only focus on the areas where he or she needs help. Tutors are available for individual subjects, as well as multiple subjects, though it is ideal to focus only on one subject per session. Tutors schedule availability and rates may vary, but all of our tutors are highly qualified in the subjects they offer services for.

For more information about how we may be able your child or children, contact us.


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